Burn the ships

I’ll just start off with some honesty. I’ve never been a normal twenty-something. I didn’t believe college was the best thing life has to offer. I stayed close to home and saw my family every weekend. I didn’t dream of becoming a successful doctor or earning my first million. The core of my being knew that I was made for something more than working a desk job to pass the time. I longed for something that I hadn’t experienced yet. 

I graduated from college in three years after transferring once and playing soccer on two teams. I never had a set end goal and my dreams of success are not what inspired me to graduate so quickly. I wanted to be done with college and be free to learn more about myself and what I wanted to become without the constraints and expectations that the world sets for young people today. 

I was raised in a very strict and tight-knit family. When I told my parents that I desired to travel the world after graduation, they were understandably scared and hesitant. My parents have always supported me following my aspirations and I am thankful for the way that they came to understand and how they have backed me up in pursuing this dream of mine. 

But you can’t just drop everything and travel for no reason? 

Enter Madly Amusing. 

Just when I was looking for a reason to pick up my life and go, I decided I would utilize my passions for travel, health, and style. I created a blog with hopes that I would inspire others to find out who they are and what they love by going out on a limb and pursuing their dreams, no matter how scary they are or how many times people say, “But you could just find a job here and start your life!”

This is my life, and I’m proud to say that I have taken a leap of faith to discover my passions and the gifts God has given me through this world-traveling adventure. 

My dad always told me in everything I did to “burn the ships.” It’s a reference to the Spanish troops conquering Latin America and their leader suggesting they burn the ships so the men’s only choice was to defeat the enemy and discover new land. They had no choice to be scared and turn back. They could only move forward. 

So thanks for following me as I drop my newfound degree in business, leave my loved ones in the US, and with very little money to my name, explore this breathtakingly gorgeous world God has created. I cannot wait to learn more about the world, my faith, and myself. I hope that my blog inspires you and helps you question if you’ve burned your ships toward following your dreams too.

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