Retro at the Roller Rink

Do you ever think about the legacy you will leave one day? Your impact – whether it be on a person, a thing, or even a city? Some people are remembered by their style, their name, or maybe their words. Well… Skating Rinks are my Nana and Papa’s legacy. And I’m not sure, but that probably makes them the coolest grandparents to ever live.

Recently I met up with photographer, Christopher Scott, to do a shoot in the first skating rink that my Nana and Papa built, Skate West. We took a trip back to the disco days with the original wood floors and retro lights.

Glasses are back. The Orignals are back. Roller rinks are back.

what a time to be alive.

Photographer: Christopher Scott

Location: Skate West

Roller Skates: Candy Girl

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