I had a much needed Caribbean getaway to Cobblers Cove, a perfectly situated resort on the West coast of Barbados. Cobblers Cove is known for their flawless mix of “English Elegance and Caribbean Character” and is easily at the top of my list when it comes to destinations to return to!


The Property

What was once a family-owned plantation has expanded into a luxury boutique hotel. The beach front property is now equipped with 40 suites, unending entertainment and activities, the Camelot Restaurant, and a world-renown garden with the Great House at the center of it all. The second that I stepped on the property, my jaw was dropped in awe of the amazing sights in every direction that I looked. With the bright buildings, blue waters, and exotic gardens – the colors alone at Cobblers Cove are enough to make the trip worth it.

The Service

I have to talk about the amazing people at Cobblers Cove, because they are what made my experience so unforgettable. Each member of the staff goes above and beyond to make sure that the guests enjoy every last second of their Caribbean Holiday – from the general manager, Will Oakley, to the smiling faces of staff members all around the property.

The Suite

I spent my time at Cobblers Cove in an Ocean Front Suite. The Caribbean Sea was just steps away and I loved absolutely every second. From the colonial style furnishings to the double-headed rain shower, every little detail in the suite exudes luxury. My favorite part of this home away from home was the incredible view from our terrace. Cobblers Cove has six different styled suites. For a look at the best option for your stay, check them out here!

The Fun

On top of the incredible property, service, and suites, Cobblers Cove provides guests with a long list of complimentary entertainment and activities for their time in Barbados. For those looking to stay active, they have a fitness center, tennis court, and water sports. Whether you want to try water skiing, wind surfing, or sailing, Bradley and the experienced water sports team is there to help! If you are looking for a more relaxing getaway, you can spend your time in the Sea Moon Spa or taking a tour of the Garden with Niki Farmer. In regard to entertainment, Cobblers Cove brings local performers to the property. Listening to the live Caribbean music lounging by the pool was one of my favorite pastimes.

The Camelot Restaurant

The Camelot Restaurant has won Restaurant of the Year multiple times for good reason. Chef  Jason Joseph and his team do an incredible job creating exquisite menus.
The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, an afternoon tea, and dinner daily. The menu is constantly changing, but I learned quickly that whatever you order, the food is out of this world. I experienced so many new flavors and could taste the fresh and local ingredients in every dish I tried.

Did I mention how well they handled my Celiac Disease? The second that I informed them that I was gluten free, they brought me my own plate of bread and let me know what I could eat. For every meal, I had a plethora of delicious options. Whatever course of the meal, whether it be a starter or dessert, they had something gluten free for me (which RARELY happens). It is such a miracle to go a whole trip without a single ounce of cross contamination, but Chef Jason Joseph and his team took incredible care of me and my dietary restrictions. It hasn’t even been a week since I left, and I am desperately craving a meal from The Camelot Restaurant. Looks like I’ll have to return to Barbados soon.

Thank you, Cobblers Cove, for the most amazing Caribbean Getaway. My first trip to Barbados went above and beyond my wildest dreams.

pssst Stay tuned for my Barbados Travel Diary coming later this week!

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  • Eloise KensingtoN
    March 20, 2017

    Absolutely gorgeous! Planning to book this for a family getaway sometime soon!

  • Olivia carpenter
    March 20, 2017

    Okkkk SO amazing! Your words/pics make this hotel seem like a dream come true.

  • Patrick Ruelle
    March 21, 2017

    What great word pictures! It looks like a beautiful place… with the best in service…. and exquisite cuisine!