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Eye Love

Does your job require hours in front of a computer screen? Maybe you spend your days scrolling through Instagram? How about binge watching Netflix? We are all guilty. Me, especially. Our constant connection in this digital age may be nice, but our eyes are reaping the […]
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When the two of us got home from our amazing European adventure, there was a lot to consider. It is an absolute dream to be able to travel the world, and we are so thankful we got to do it together. But as time has […]
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Flower Power

Flowers are so enchanting. It could be the beauty in them. Perhaps it’s their constant juxtaposition with love. Or maybe the light in people’s eyes when they come home to them. When I was young someone told me something that I’ll never forget – A flower doesn’t think of […]
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the world’s largest Volksfest. My time at Oktoberfest was short, but the memories made in Munich will last a lifetime. The beer was good, the nights long and the festival was nothing short of my expectations. Oktoberfest Survival Guide from me to you: 1. The majority of the […]
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Burn the ships

I’ll just start off with some honesty. I’ve never been a normal twenty-something. I didn’t believe college was the best thing life has to offer. I stayed close to home and saw my family every weekend. I didn’t dream of becoming a successful doctor or […]
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