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Eye Love

Does your job require hours in front of a computer screen? Maybe you spend your days scrolling through Instagram? How about binge watching Netflix? We are all guilty. Me, especially. Our constant connection in this digital age may be nice, but our eyes are reaping the […]
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Pajama Day

A Satin Obsession Pajamas are good for the soul, but who knew they could be good for your hair and skin too? I have a recent obsession with Satin, and for good reason. Unlike cotton, satin doesn’t absorb our skins natural oils – it instead allows […]
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Flower Power

Flowers are so enchanting. It could be the beauty in them. Perhaps it’s their constant juxtaposition with love. Or maybe the light in people’s eyes when they come home to them. When I was young someone told me something that I’ll never forget – A flower doesn’t think of […]
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