Rae Muse

My name is Rachel, but I also go by Rae (thanks, mom). Last year, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and decided to go out in the world and live. This is where my precious baby, Madly Amusing, was born. Not only has my blogging taken me all around the world, but it’s given me a burning passion to document this crazy life.

This will be a place to share my stories, thoughts, and daily happenings. A place to connect. A place to push myself as a writer and a person.

I write about the things that define me. My passion for seeing this fascinating world God created. My love affair with shopping. My life as a foodie with Celiac disease. My obsession with all things mermaids. My entirely too close, awesome family. My constant spontaneity. And all the other random things, that maybe no one cares about, that will still get a place on the World Wide Web.

Let’s go on this Madly Amusing adventure together.